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About markers

Markers can be used to code and classify topics on your map. You add them from the Markers Inspector.

Markers come in three basic types: icons, tags, and colors.

Each map contains a list of available markers organized into groups in the Markers Inspector. Some marker groups are linked to task information.

Standard Marker Groups appear in the marker list for every map and cannot be deleted. You can add or remove markers from these groups as desired:

User-defined marker groups can be created and populated as you desire, to suit your particular needs. You can create Tag groups or Icon groups, assign meanings to Icons, and make the markers within them exclusive (only one marker from the group can be used per topic) or non-exclusive.

Tip: You can manage and customize the markers list using the commands in Markers Inspector. The markers list is saved with the map or Map Template, so each map can have a unique markers list. You can also save the markers list in a file, and then re-use this list on other maps.

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