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About Map Templates

MindManager comes with a selection of Map Templates that give you a jump-start on creating a map.

Map Templates contain pre-defined content plus default formatting for all map elements (also called the Map Theme of the map). You can use Map Templates to get a jump-start on creating frequently-used maps and provide consistency in content and structure.

MindManager includes a selection of basic Map Templates for common tasks. By default, you see the Map Chooser each time you start MindManager, where you can select a Map Template to begin a new map. You can choose whether you want to see the Map Chooser when you start MindManager by choosing MindManager > Preferences.

You can start a new map from a Map Template at any time by choosing File > New from Map Chooser. You are not limited to using the existing Map Templates: You can modify them to suit your needs or create new Map Templates from scratch.

One special Map Template, called Blank Map, is used (by default) each time you create a new map by choosing Fie > New. You can choose a different default Map Template for new maps by choosing MindManager > Preferences.

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