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Grouping topics with boundaries

Add a boundary line to group or summarize subtopics. You can add a callout topic to provide an explanation or continue with a set of summary topics. You can move or copy boundaries to other groups.

To add a boundary:

  1. Select the parent topic of the subtopics you want to group or summarize.

  2. Click the Boundary toolbar button on the Home tab and select the type of boundary you want to display or choose Insert > Boundary.

    To change the boundary type, click the Boundary toolbar button and select a different type.

  3. To add a callout, Control-click the boundary and choose Insert Callout Topic.

    To automatically add a callout label to new summary boundaries choose MindManager > Preferences and select "Add callouts to new summary boundaries."

Tip: You can add boundaries inside of other boundaries.

To copy or move a boundary to another set of subtopics:

  1. Click the boundary to select it (a blue box will show you that it is selected).

  2. Press Command-C to copy the boundary, or press Command-X to cut it.

  3. Select the parent topic of the target subtopics.

  4. Press Command-V to paste the boundary.

Tip: To remove a boundary, select the boundary and press Delete.

The boundary's initial format (line style, color and fill) is determined by the overall Map Theme. Once you've added a boundary you can change its format. To learn more about using Map Themes, formatting boundaries, and setting the preference to add callouts to boundaries automatically see the Related Topics below.

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