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Adding floating topics

Floating topics are not connected to the central topic or its descendants and can be positioned freely on the map. You can use floating topics with subtopics to add auxiliary information, or alone for annotations like a page title.

To add a floating topic:

  1. Click the location for the new topic on the map background, or click the Floating toolbar button on the Home tab, or choose Insert > Floating Topic.

  2. Type the topic text and press Return.


  • You can also add floating topics using the shortcut menu. Control-click the map background and choose Insert Floating Topic from the menu.

  • You can re-locate floating topics in Map View by dragging them to a new location. Hold the Shift key as you drag to prevent the topic from attaching to other topics.

  • Make an existing topic "float" by holding the Shift key and dragging the topic away from its parent.

  • You can create floating images (an image inside a floating topic) by dragging an image onto the map from the Library.

  • You can add subtopics to the floating topic by selecting it and then pressing Command-Return.

  • To enable adding floating topics with a single click, in Map View choose MindManager > Preferences and under Editing, select "Single click to insert floating topic".

  • In Outline View, floating topics appear at the bottom of the topic list.

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