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Adding topics using Map Parts

Map parts provide a method for quickly adding commonly-used topics to your map. They are stored in the Library and can be dragged onto the map or outline to create new topics.

To add topics using a Map Part:

  1. If the Library is not open, click the Task Panes toolbar button.

  2. Click the Library tab.
  3. In the Library's top pop-up menu select Map Parts.

  4. Drag the Map Part from the Library to the map or outline. A visual cue will show you the new location for the topics.

If you want the Map Part to "float," hold down the Shift key as you drag the Map Part onto the map. This prevents it from attaching to another topic.

If you add a Map Part that you created its formatting may not match the rest of your map. To use the map's default formatting, in Map View select the new topics from the Map Part and choose Format > Use Default Format.

You can create your own Map Parts from topics that you use frequently or modify an existing Map Part to tailor it to your needs. To learn more about using, creating or modifying Map Parts see the Related Topics below.

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