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Adding shapes

You can insert a shape in a map background to enhance the look of your map. You can insert a rectangles, rounded rectangles, triangles (isosceles and right angle), circles, right arrows, text bubbles, explosions, stars (4-point and 5-point), divider lines (horizontal and vertical), and brackets. You can modify a shape's outline, fill, and transparency.

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To insert a shape:

  1. Click the Shapes toolbar button on the Insert tab.

  2. Choose Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle, Isosceles Triangle, Right Angle Triangle, Circle, Right Arrow, Text Bubble, Explosion, 4-Point Star, 5-Point Star, Horizontal Divider, Vertical Divider, Left Bracket, or Right Bracket.

  3. Click in the map where you want to add the shape, and drag.

Hint: You can insert a shape with the identical formatting of the last shape of that type that you inserted by choosing that shape option from the Shapes pull down and clicking on the canvas. For more information about formatting shapes, see Working with objects.

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