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Adding topics by pasting text

You can create new topics by pasting text to the map or outline from within MindManager or from another application.

To add topics by pasting text:

  1. Select the text to use for the new topics (from within MindManager or from another application) and press Command-C to copy it.

  2. In MindManager, select the location for the new topics.

    If you select a topic, the pasted text will become its subtopics. If you click on the map background, the pasted text becomes a floating topic.

  3. Press Command-V to paste the text.

A new topic begins at each line or paragraph break within the source text.

Tip: If the original copied text is formatted, the topics created by pasting will reflect that formatting. To return the new topics to the map's default formatting, select them and choose Format > Use Default Format.

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