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Adding topic properties

One way to include data in a map is by adding properties sets to your topics. A topic properties set is an object included within a topic that contains a list of property names and their values. You can create and re-use topic properties sets to standardize the entry of data for topics of a specific type. For example you could create a topic properties set with fields for standard employee data such as department, manager, title, employee number, etc.

Within the set, you can classify some properties as Hidden. Hidden properties are not shown, by default, but you can choose to display them.

Creating a topic properties set involves two steps:
A. Define a list of properties of various data types. At this point, you have a list of properties without values ready for data entry. If you'd like to use this list of properties for other topics you can duplicate it by copying the topic or by creating a Map Part.
B. Edit the topic properties to populate the fields with data specific to this topic.

Once the topic properties set has been created you can choose to show or hide it, and if its no longer needed, you can remove it from the topic.

To define a list of topic properties:

  1. Select the topic.
  2. Click the Properties toolbar button on the Advanced tab.
  3. In the Define Topic Properties dialog, click the Add Property button (+) .
    The placeholder "Property" appears as the first entry in the Properties list.
  4. Enter the name for the property.
    As you type, the placeholder text is overwritten.

    Topic properties must have unique names. You will not be permitted to enter a property name if it is already used in the topic.

  5. Choose a property option from the Type drop-down, and define its options.
    The data type and options you choose will determine how the property's data is displayed and what type of data entry field is used.
    The Hidden checkbox determines whether this data is shown by default. If checked, the property is only shown when you choose to view Hidden properties.
  6. To define another property, click he Add Property button (+), then repeat steps 3, 4 and 5. Continue until you have added all the properties you want.
  7. Click OK to exit the dialog.


To enter data for topic properties:

  1. Control-click a topic where you have defined properties, and choose Edit Topic Properties.
  2. Enter the data for the properties. The data entry is controlled by the property's data format and options. If you have entered data that is not valid for the property type, the OK button will be disabled.
    To see more properties, select the properties list and drag the corner handles.
  3. When you are finished entering the data, click OK.

To view topic properties:

To show hidden properties:

To enter or edit property values:

To modify property names and definitions:

To remove topic properties or values from a topic:

To copy and paste topic properties:

Topic property options:

When you are inserting or modifying a Topic Property you can enter the following information:


Data format options




Entry field


Decimal places, currency symbols, format for positive and negative amounts. These are automatically added to the data that is entered.

Entry field


Decimal places

Entry field


Maximum/minimum value option

Entry field

Text Maximum length
Determines the maximum number of text characters that may be entered

Entry field



Color picker



Date/Time picker



Date/Time picker

Date and Time


Date/Time picker

Masked field

Define literal limits
Define valid characters

Masked field


List of values with option to edit list values.
To add the first list value, click the Add Property button (+) in the Define Topic Properties dialog, and press Return to insert subsequent list values.

Drop-down list

Multiline text

Maximum length option

Text entry box



True/False combo box

File or folder link

File or Folder

File dialog or Folder dialog

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