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Choosing a Map Theme for your map

The Map Theme determines the default formatting (fonts, colors, shapes and layout options) used for the map. When you begin a new map its appearance is determined by the Map Theme of the Map Template used to create it.

You can apply a new Map Theme to change the default formatting for the map at any time, but its best to do this before you format individual topics. When you apply the new Map Theme, topics and elements that use default formatting will reflect the new Map Theme settings, but those that you have formatted will retain the individual format settings you've chosen.

To choose a new Map Theme:

  1. Open the map.

  2. Choose Format > Map Theme > Apply from Chooser or Format > Map Theme > Apply from File.

  3. Select the Map Theme you want to use and click Choose.

    Note: only Map Theme files (.mmas) are displayed when you select the Map Theme from a file.

The map will be updated to reflect the new Map Theme.

Tip: When you choose a new Map Theme, any topics or elements that do not use default formatting (that have had other formatting applied) will retain their individual formatting. When they are returned to the default format settings, they will reflect the new Map Theme. See the related topics below for more information.

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