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Collapsing and expanding topics

In Map View or Outline View, you can control the level of detail (number of subtopic levels) displayed for any topic individually or as a group.

When topics are collapsed, the expand icon (previously a "+" symbol) converts to a number icon (for example, ), indicating the number of unseen subtopics in the collapsed branch:

Map topics with subtopics.
Subtopics collapsed.


To expand or collapse individual topics:

  • In Map View, click the expand icon expand icon or the collapse icon collapse icon on the topic.

  • In Outline view, click the expand arrow  or the collapse arrow  on the topic.

To expand or collapse multiple topics in Map View:

  1. Select a topic or topic(s). Selecting the central topic affects the whole map.

  2. Choose View > Detail.

  3. Choose the detail level to display.

To focus on a single topic in Map View:
(expand the topic and collapse all others)

  • Choose View > Detail, and then choose Focus on Topic.

The map is printed, exported, and saved with topics expanded or collapsed.

You can also filter topics to hide them. For more information on filtering the map see Filtering topics.

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