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Create a new flowchart

A flowchart is a diagram that represents, step by step, a process or workflow.  This creates  a visual model that makes it easier to get an overview of a project, process or system and to identify problems, bottlenecks, or flaws. Flowcharts employ standardized visual shapes to convey different elements in the workflow, such as processes, decisions, documentation, and data input/output. You can either create an empty flowchart using a template or use an existing flowchart as the basis for a new diagram.

Create a new flowchart from a template:

You can create a new flowchart using one of the templates available in the Map Chooser.

  1. Choose File > New from Template.

  2. In the Map Chooser, click Flowchart.

  3. A new flowchart opens with a floating topic called "Start."

Note: All flowchart topics display with quick add tabs, even if you have chosen to hide the Quick Add tabs in Options.

Create a new flowchart from an existing flowchart:

To add to or modify an existing flowchart without changing the original, use the Save As command in the File menu to save the flowchart under a new name.

Note: You cannot save a flowchart as an OPML file, a FreeMind file, an XMind file, an HTML file, or a PowerPoint file.

Enter Topic Text:

When you create a topic, a placeholder topic appears, and is automatically selected.

  • Type the text for the new topic and press ENTER.

  • To create a line break within the topic text hold SHIFT and press ENTER.

  • These additions to your Central Topic can help set the theme for your map.

  • You can add an image to set the tone for the flowchart.

    You can also display the revision number and modification date using the Show / Hide command.

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