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Edit and format flowchart topics

Just as you can edit topics on maps, you can edit flowchart topics to replace or modify the text or resize the topic to control how the text wraps. You can also modify and format relationship lines between topics, including adding text labels.

To move or copy flowchart topics:

Drag and drop flowchart topics to a new location, "free-form" restructuring your map.

Select the topic(s) and drag them to a new position on the map. A visual cue appears showing where the topic(s) will be added.

  • To copy, press Command-C as you drag and drop.

  • Callouts remain attached to their parent when they are moved. Use Cut and Paste to move a callout to a different parent..

Tip: If you want objects to snap to a grid during drag and drop, enable the Snap to grid option.

You can use drag and drop to move and copy topics between maps that you are viewing simultaneously.

To format a flowchart topic:

Just as you can edit topics on maps, you can edit flowchart topics.

  1. Select the flowchart topic.

  2. If the Format pane is not open, click the Task Panes toolbar button.
  3. In Format pane, do any of the following:
  • set the line and fill color
  • set the shape of the selected flowchart topic
  • set how subtopics appear, including layout, style, and distance from other flowchart topics and subtopics
  • set the margin size around text in a flowchart topic
  • set the alignment of images inserted into a flowchart topic

To drag-and-drop elements between flowchart topics:

You can insert links, relationships, and notes by dragging and dropping.

To insert a relationship:

  1. Drag one topic over another.
  2. Release the mouse button when the menu button appears, and choose Insert Relationship.

To insert content from a flowchart topic as a note:

  1. Drag one topic over another.
  2. Release the mouse button when the menu button appears, and choose Drop as Notes.

To link to a flowchart topic:

  1. Drag the topic that you want to link to over the topic where you want to insert the link.

  2. When the menu button  appears, release the mouse button, and choose Insert Link.
    To insert links between the two topics, choose Reciprocal Link.

Flowchart layout and themes:

You can use map layout features to adjust the arrangement of flowchart topics.

Additionally, you can use the Layout pull-down menu on the design tab to convert any flowchart topic into a regular topic with the selected layout, effectively combining flowchart and map layouts in one visual display.

  1. Select the topic(s).

  2. Click the Layout pull-down arrow, and select a layout from the list: Map, Right Map, Tree, Adaptive Map, Split Tree, Org-chart, Up Org-chart, Split Org-chart.

  3. The frame around the topic(s) will change from green to blue. Any new subtopics added to the converted topic(s) will display in the selected layout format and growth direction.

MindManager provides a number of flowchart themes, including swim lanes, or you can create and save your own custom themes.

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