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Emailing maps

You can distribute your maps to colleagues whether or not they are MindManager users by sending the maps as email attachments in a variety of formats.

Sending a map in its native format has the advantage of including all the map's graphical elements, attachments, hyperlinks, and topic notes in a dynamic format accessible to users on both Windows and Mac systems.

Maps in native MindManager format can be edited by both MindManager for Windows and MindManager for Mac users. MindManager users on Windows systems must have MindManager 6.1 or later or MindManager 13 to open maps created with MindManager for Mac.

Hints for sending MindManager map files as email attachments:

  • MindManager map files have the extension .mmap

  • If you are sending a map file (.mmap) that includes attachments (indicated on the map by the attachment icon  ) the attached documents are automatically included as part of the map.

  • If you are sending a map file (.mmap) with hyperlinks to documents (indicated on the map by their various application icons, for example:  MindManager map,  Pages document and so on), it is easiest if the links point to documents in a central location, such as a network drive that is accessible to both users. Otherwise, to preserve the links, you must send the linked documents along with the map, and the recipient must copy them to the proper location on their system.

  • When sending maps, graphics, or text files to Windows users as email attachments, use your mail program's option for sending Windows-friendly attachments.

MindManager offers other ways to distribute your maps: you can send maps via Messages or iChat, or share maps in Mindjet Files in the cloud. For more information, see the Related Topics below.

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