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Filtering topics

If you only want to see a subset of the topics on your map, you can filter it. You can filter the map manually by showing or hiding the topics you select, or you can use a saved rule to define the filtering criteria.

To filter the map manually:

  1. Select a set of topics: you can select the topics you want to show (show only these, hide all others) or hide (hide these, show all others)

    Hint:Command-click a topic to add it to the group of selected topics.

  2. Click the Filter toolbar button on the View tab, or choose View > Filter.

  3. Choose Hide Selected or Hide Others.

The yellow Filter indicator is displayed at the bottom of the map.

Filtering is cumulative: You can select more topics and filter the map again. Subsequent filters work only on visible topics.

To filter using a saved Rule:

  1. Click the Filter toolbar button, or choose View > Filter.

  2. In the menu, choose the Saved Rule you want to use. Only topics that match the rule will be shown.

    If you want to use a different rule, choose "Edit rules" to create or modify a rule.

To remove all active filters:

  • Choose View > Filter > Remove Filter, or click Remove Filter on the Filter indicator at the bottom of the map.

If you save the map while it is filtered it will still be filtered the next time you open it. When a filter is active, hidden topics are not included in printed or exported output.

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