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Finding and replacing text

You can easily locate or change text (or any set of characters) that you have used in your map. You can choose to look in the topic text, notes, hyperlinks, resources, tags and comments.

To find and optionally replace text:

  1. Choose Edit > Find > Find.

  2. Enter the text you want to look for in the "Find" box.

  3. If you want to replace the text with something else, type the new text in the "Replace with" box.

  4. Optional: To specify which map elements MindManager should search, or to find and replace words that match more specific criteria, click Options and make your selections. Note that you can find but not replace text in tags.

  5. Click a button to find or replace text:

  • Click Next to find the next occurrence of the text in the document without changing the current selection.

  • Click Replace & Find to replace the current occurrence of the text and immediately find the next occurrence.

  • Click Replace All to replace all occurrences of the text in the document.

MindManager begins the search with the current topic and proceeds in a clockwise direction.

If you are using Outline View and choose to search fields that are not displayed, such as Resources, Find may show matches that do not appear to contain the text you are looking for. Switch to Map View to see all the topic elements, and the matching text.


  • To find text that matches some text you have selected, choose Edit > Find > Use Selection for Find before step 1, above.

  • Once you have selected or entered the text to find, you can press Command-G or choose Edit > Find Next to locate the next occurrence of the text.

You can use Spotlight to find maps that contain specific text.

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