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Formatting the map background

You can change the map background's color and add an image to create a texture or watermark.

To change the map's background color:

  1. In Map View choose Format > Background.

  2. Click the Fill Color well to select a new background color for the map.

Tip: You can combine a background color with a semi-opaque image to create a variety of background effects.

To add a background image:

  1. Optional: If you want to use a background image from the MindManager Library, open it now. Click the Task Panes toolbar button and click the Library pane, then select the Backgrounds category at the top of the Library.

  2. Choose Format > Background.

  3. Click Choose and select an image; or drag an image from the Library, the Finder or another application into the background image preview area.

  4. Choose a Tiling setting, and adjust the Opacity setting to make the image more or less transparent.

To remove the background image choose Format > Background and choose Remove, or in the Library's Backgrounds pane click Clear Map Background Image.

Tip: You can change the background image directly from the library. Click the Library toolbar button or choose Window > Show Library and select Backgrounds in the pop-up menu. Drag an image from the Backgrounds pane onto the map. The new image uses the same tiling and opacity settings as the previous image.

You can add your own custom background images to the library for easy access.

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