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Formatting boundaries

You can change the line style, color, and fill for boundaries and add a callout topic to summary boundaries. Boundaries are not displayed in Outline View.

To format a boundary:

  1. Select the boundary (a blue box will show you that it is selected).

  2. To change the boundary type, click the Boundary toolbar button on the Home tab and choose the type of boundary you want to use.

  3. If the Task Panes aren't already open, Control-click the boundary and choose Format Boundary.
  4. In the Format pane, click the color wells to change the Line and Fill colors, or choose a different boundary Shape and adjust its line Weight and Pattern.

The boundary's initial default formatting is determined by the underlying Map Theme. To make this the default formatting for all existing (unformatted) and new boundaries in the map, choose Format > Set as Default Format. To reset the boundary to the map's default formatting choose Format > Use Default Format.


  • You can also change the boundary's Fill and Line colors by selecting the boundary, then using the Fill Color and Line Color toolbar buttons to get to the color wheel. Click the arrow next to the default color field for a quick color palette.

To add a callout topic to a summary boundary:

  1. Control-click the boundary (a blue box will show you that it is selected) and click Callout toolbar button on the Insert tab, or choose Insert > Callout Topic.

  2. When the callout topic appears enter its text.

To have a callout topic appear automatically each time you add a summary boundary choose MindManager > Preferences and select "Add callouts to new summary boundaries."

You can change the callout topic's format as you would format other topics. You can also add subtopics to the callout to continue the topic tree after the summary.

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