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Formatting subtopic layout and connecting lines

Choose from several map, tree, and organizational layouts for your map. Different sections of your map can use different layouts. You can change the width and appearance of lines connecting the central topic to main topics. For all topics, you can change the connecting line style and adjust their connecting point, or anchor, on the parent topic.

To change subtopic layout type:

  1. In Map View, select the parent topic of the tree whose layout you want to change. Select the central topic to control the layout for the whole map.

  2. Choose Format > Topic.

    Tip: If the Topic inspector is already open click the Format tab.

  3. In the Inspector, choose the layout type from the Subtopics Layout pop-up menu. For organizational chart layouts you can choose the number of levels in the Depth pull-down menu.

To return the topic to its default layout type choose Automatic in the Subtopics Layout pop-up menu.

To change the thickness and appearance of the main topic connecting lines:

  1. Choose Format > Topic Lines.

  2. You can choose a thickness and whether you want topics to use an "organic" appearance that looks more like hand-drawn lines.

    When you check "organic" appearance the main topic outlines are drawn at the same line thickness as the connecting lines. Otherwise, they are not affected.

To change a topic's connecting line style and anchor point:

  1. Select one or more topics in Map View.

  2. Choose Format > Topic.

    Tip: If the Topic inspector is already open click the Format tab.

  3. In the Inspector make your selections under Subtopics in the Style and Anchor pop-up menus.

    If you choose None for the Style, the topic connecting lines are removed.


  • Another way to "remove" connecting lines is to make them transparent: choose None in the Topic Inspector's Line color well pop-up menu.

  • You can also hide the main topic handles by choosing View > Show & Hide and deselecting Main Topic Handles.

The initial default formatting for topic lines and layouts is derived from the underlying Map Theme. To make the selected topic's formatting the default for similar topics on this map choose Format > Set as Default Format.

To return the topic to its default formatting choose Format > Use Default Format.

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