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Formatting topic text

You can format your topic text with a wide variety of options. You can:

To change the font type, style, size, or color:

  1. Select one or more topics, or the text within a topic.

  2. Choose Format > Font > Show Fonts. Choose the font to use for your selection.


You can also change the font type, style, size, and color using the toolbar buttons. Click the arrows next to each toolbar field to see a menu of options. Click the arrow next to the Font Color field for a quick color palette.

Additionally, you can change the topic text color in the Topic Inspector. Choose Format > Topic to change the color in the Text color well. To return the text to the default color choose Auto in the Text color well pull-down menu. To make the text invisible choose None.

To underline text:

  1. Select one or more topics, or the text within a topic.

  2. Click the Underline toolbar button.

To change the text alignment:

  1. Select one or more topics in Map View.

  2. Choose Format > Text and choose the alignment you prefer.

Hint:You can also change the margins within the topic shape to control the text positioning within the topic.

To change the text capitalization:

  1. Select one or more topics in Map View.

  2. Choose Format > Capitalization and choose the capitalization style you prefer. Any new text you add to the topic will obey this style. Select None to capitalize the text as entered.

Hint:: Applying a single capitalization style to all the map topics gives the map a consistent look.

To add numbering to map topics:

  1. Select the root topic for the numbering. To number the whole map, select the central topic. To number a topic tree, select its parent.

  2. Choose Format > Topic Numbering.

  3. Choose the numbering style or choose Custom to define your own style (including numbering depth, style and repeat).

The numbering is applied to the root topic's subtopics and automatically matches each topic's font and color. New topics will automatically be numbered when added to the tree, and topics are re-numbered if they are moved or if a topic is deleted.

To remove the numbering, select the root topic and choose Format > Topic Numbering > None. You cannot remove numbering from individual topics.

Topic numbering is included when you export the map. The "outline" exports automatically number the map, so you should remove numbering before exporting to these formats.

The initial default formatting for topics is derived from the underlying Map Theme. To make the selected topic's formatting the default for similar topics on this map choose Format > Set as Default Format. This default formatting will be used for any topics that you have not applied formatting to, and any new topics you add to the map.

To return the topic to its default formatting choose Format > Use Default Format. Topic numbering is not included in the default formatting.

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