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Including topic notes

You can include details about a topic in topic notes. This avoids cluttering the map with large amounts of information. Topic notes can be formatted to include formatted text, hyperlinks, tables, and images. You enter topic notes in the Notes window and use its toolbar for formatting and adding tables. You can print the topic notes for one or more topics.

To add notes to a topic:

  1. Select the topic in Map View or Outline View.

    You add notes to topics, floating topics, and callouts.

  2. Click the Notes toolbar button on the Home or Insert tab, or choose View > Show Notes.

    Hint:You can position the Notes window at the right or bottom of the map window. Click View > Position Notes.

  3. Enter text in the Notes window. Note that you can also paste text from other applications into this window; if it is formatted, its formatting will be transferred.

  4. You can include images anywhere in the Notes window by dragging them from the Library, the Finder or another application.

    • Images cannot be re-sized in the notes so set them to the desired size before adding them to the note.

Once you've added notes to a topic you can click on the Notes icon to view the notes, or point to it to see a preview of the notes text.


  • To remove notes from a topic Control-click on the Notes icon and choose Remove Notes.

  • To copy the note to another topic's note Control-click on the Notes icon and choose Copy Notes; then Control-click the target topic's Notes icon and choose Paste Notes. The copied note will be appended to the existing note.

  • To print the notes for a single topic Control-click the Notes icon and choose Print.

  • To print the notes for multiple topics select the topics and choose File > Print Notes.

To add the content of a topic as a note:

  1. Drag the topic containing the text that you want to add as a note over the topic to which you're adding the note.

  2. When the menu button appears, release the mouse button, and choose Drop as Notes.

Note:You can only add topics that contain only text to another topic as a note.

You can format notes text and add tables in notes using the Notes window toolbar. To learn more see the Related Topics below.

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