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Inserting calendar topics for events and reminders

You can add new or existing calendar items (events or to do's) to your map as topics. MindManager will use the applications you have installed for events and to do items: either Calendar for events and Reminders for to do's (recent versions of macOS) or iCal for both events and to do's (earlier versions of macOS).

These items are synchronized automatically: That is, changing the topic on your map will change the associated item in the calendar, and vice-versa.

Once you have created the topic, you can view its associated item in the Calendar or Reminders (or iCal) application.

To insert a calendar item as a topic:

  1. Choose Insert > Calendar Event or Insert > Reminder.

  2. Choose the calendar you want to use (for example "Work" or "Home"). The default calendar used here is determined by the Calendar option in Mindjet MindManager Preferences.

    If you don't want the item added to your system calendar, un-check Attach to Calendar. You can attach it later if you modify the item.

  3. Enter the information for the new item, or choose Choose Existing Event or Choose Existing Reminder.

Tip: To modify the calendar item, double-click the topic, or choose Edit >Calendar Topic or Edit > Reminder Topic and change the information. Changes you make will also be made automatically in the system calendar that the item is attached to. If you want to access other calendar functions, you can view the item in Calendar or Reminders (or in iCal) .

To view a calendar item in Calendar or Reminders (or iCal) :

  1. Select the topic with the calendar item.

  2. Choose View > View in Calendar or View in Reminders.

Changes you make to the item in Calendar or Reminders (or in iCal) will be reflected in the map's corresponding topic.

You can create topics that show existing calendar events or reminders (to do's) that match certain criteria. For more information, see Inserting Smart Calendar Topics.

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