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Inserting Smart Calendar Topics

You can create topics that display subtopics with calendar items (events, reminders or to do's) that match criteria you specify. These are called Smart Calendar Topics. The subtopics' matching calendar items are linked to your system calendar, and will reflect any changes to the calendar in your map. Smart Calendar topics are automatically refreshed when you open the map, so you always see an updated set of matching calendar item subtopics.

To insert a Smart Calendar Topic:

  1. Choose Insert > Smart Calendar Topic.

  2. Choose the criteria you want to match, and click OK.

Note: If you disconnect a subtopic from the Smart Calendar topic by dragging it to another part of the map, it becomes an normal calendar topic. This item may appear twice on your map when the Smart Calendar Topic is refreshed - one time as the independent topic that you created, and one time as a matching calendar item for the Smart Calendar topic.

To change the criteria for a Smart Calendar Topic:

  1. Select the Smart Calendar topic.

  2. Choose Edit > Calendar Topic.

You can create topics that include new or existing calendar items, and modify the items directly from your map, or in Calendar (or iCal) or Reminders. For more information, see Inserting calendar topics for events and reminders.

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