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About Map View and Outline View

MindManager offers two ways to view a map: Map View and Outline View.

In Map View the topics are presented in a radiating hierarchical form called a map. In this view, you can also see graphical elements such as color, images, relationships and boundaries, and view topic task information. This is the more efficient view for creating and formatting maps.

Outline View presents the same topics in a familiar linear form so you can read and navigate through the document from top to bottom. This view can be a helpful reference if you are just beginning to use MindManager. Outline View is limited in that it does not show topic color or font, task information, images, tags, relationships, boundaries or the map background.

Both views include icons, notes, hyperlinks and attachments.

To switch between Map View and Outline View:

  • Click View > Outline View or View > Map View .

New and existing maps always open in Map View. You map is printed as shown: as a map from Map View and as an outline from Outline View.

If you are planning to export the map as an outline, you can use Outline View to preview the topics in a linear arrangement and make any necessary adjustments.

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