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MindManager Preferences

Use these options to control MindManager's behavior.

On Startup
Choose what you want MindManager to do when you start the program.

Log in to Mindjet - automatically logs you in to Mindjet Files when you start MindManager for Mac. (You must choose to store your password in your keychain when you log in the first time in order for this to work.)

Show Mindjet Files - displays the online Mindjet Files content that you can access in the Mindjet Files window. (Use the "Log in to Mindjet" preference to connect to Mindjet Files automatically.)

New Maps
This information is used when you create a new map on startup, or whenever you choose File > New.

Choose the calendar you want to use for new items you create in MindManager.

Controls editing topic text and adding some topic types.

Drag and Drop
Controls options for dragging and dropping objects and shapes

Enable saving backups of maps automatically.

Visual Effects
Controls how items are displayed on your map.

Measurement units
Choose the unit used for measuring margins and distances.

Options for using Mindjet Files and Mindjet Tasks in the cloud from MindManager for Mac.


Gives you the ability to provide feedback on the application directly to MindManager.

Task Info
Options for setting calendar and at-risk criteria.