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Navigating in Map View

Navigating in Map View is straightforward using the mouse and scroll bars. You can also move through maps efficiently using the keyboard. This can be especially useful during a presentation when you want to move through the map in a methodical way.

If your system supports the use of gestures, you can use them to scroll and zoom.

To navigate using the keyboard:

Keyboard action

Tab, Shift+Tab

Move to the next or previous topic, callout or subtopic.

Use this method to visit each topic on the map in order. Floating topics and callouts attached to relationship arrows are skipped.

Arrow keys

Select the topic above or below or to the left or right of the current topic.

For the Left Arrow and Right Arrow keys, the selection begins at the top main topic after you pass through the central topic to the other side of the map.

To navigate using gestures:


Two-finger drag

Scroll the map.

Swipe (three fingers)

Scroll the map by pages.

Pinch or expand

Zoom in or out.

For large maps you may find it helpful to collapse and expand topics to make it easier to move around the map.

Consult the Keyboard Shortcuts for additional shortcuts.

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