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Visually connecting ideas, information and people

Business professionals need a better way to capture and organize ideas (their own and those of team members), prioritize tasks and resource assignments, and clearly communicate the results, in order to effectively drive business decisions. The ideas, insights, and opinions shared in collaborative meetings are critical, but both information and context are frequently lost in translation or captured in a disorganized array of notes – making it difficult to move from a wealth of inputs to a coherent action plan.

MindManager's visual information mapping provides the most effective way to capture, organize and communicate ideas and information, giving users the ability to see the big picture and all the relevant details in a single view. MindManager helps users move quickly from ideas, raw research, and requirements gathering to completed strategies, presentations and project plans, all within an integrated, visual environment.

What is a MindManager map?

Bring Order to Chaos through Visual Information Mapping

Use MindManager maps as virtual whiteboards to easily capture ideas and visually organize projects, presentations, and strategies.

  • Facilitate brainstorming and collaborative problem-solving by easily capturing stakeholder input (quick entry mode), drawing connections, and reordering content.
  • See the big picture and all the relevant details in a single dynamic view with the ability to expand/collapse topics, attach or link to supporting documentation, embed spreadsheets, and browse the web.
  • Import content from Microsoft Word so you can work with all relevant data in a single visual environment.

Communicate More Effectively with Less Preparation Time

Use a single solution to both organize and present your content in a visual format that increases understanding and retention. Ensure participation and alignment by incorporating feedback on the fly.

  • Communicate effectively using HTML5 interactive map export to present the exact content you want recipients to see, precisely the way you want them to see it. .
  • Conduct more engaging meetings using a dynamic framework for presenting information and capturing comments.

Accurately Scope Project Deliverables and Resources

Successfully document all aspects of any project and gain alignment from key stakeholders.

  • Validate priorities and gain stakeholder buy-in on goals, schedules, resources, and strategies by working through project plans using a visual, interactive map.
  • Organize tasks, assign resources, and track start/due dates to lay the foundation for successful project implementation.
  • Enable efficient decision-making by aggregating information into a central map for easy review of all relevant details.