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Using Quick Entry mode

The Quick Entry mode allows you to record ideas as they come to you in brainstorming fashion, without worrying about how your map will be structured. Just enter your ideas spontaneously, and then drag them onto the map to create the structure.

To use Quick Entry mode:

  1. In the Menu, choose Window > Show Quick Entry Window.

    The Quick Entry window appears.

  2. Enter your first idea in the top entry field, and then press Enter or click Add.

  3. Continue to add ideas as they occur to you.

    You'll see the list of items you've entered in the lower pane.

    To remove an item from the list, select it and then click the "-" button in the window's lower left corner.

  4. When you are finished recording ideas, you can drag them from the list and drop them into any open map to create a meaningful structure.

  5. Close the Quick Entry Window using the window controls, or choose Window > Hide Quick Entry Window.

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