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Saving AutoRecover information

MindManager provides protection from losing your work in the event of abnormal shutdown (e.g. if the power goes out or your system crashes) by saving AutoRecover information at regular intervals.

To enable saving AutoRecover information:

  1. Choose MindManager > Preferences.

  2. Select "Save AutoRecover information every _ minutes."

  3. Change the AutoRecover interval to the desired setting.

    Note: If you set your AutoRecover interval too high, you could lose a substantial amount of work. For example if you set the interval to 60 minutes and there is a power failure after using MindManager for 59 minutes, no AutoRecover information would be saved and you would lose all your work (unless you had saved your maps in the interim).

When you re-start MindManager after an abnormal shut-down, MindManager will attempt to recover any maps you were editing at the time of the shut-down. If MindManager saved AutoRecover information for the maps you were editing you'll see a recovery alert and MindManager will re-open those maps with the changes you made.

  • To keep the changes you see, save the map.

  • To discard your changes and revert to the previously-saved version of the map, close it.

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