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Sending a map via Messages or iChat

You can send your map (.mmap) to anyone in your buddy list who is online without leaving MindManager. MindManager will use the messaging application that you have installed - either Messages or iChat. You must be signed in to Messages or iChat to send the map. The recipient must be able to receive files, and must have MindManager for Mac or Windows to view the map.

To send a map using Messages or iChat:

  1. Save the map.

  2. Choose Share > Send via Messages.

  3. Select the buddy you want to send the map to from the list of available buddies.

    Only buddies who can receive files are considered "available".

  4. Click Send.

MindManager can also export the map in a variety of formats that you can send using Messages or iChat outside of MindManager, or send as email attachments.

In addition, you can share maps using Mindjet Files in the cloud. To learn more, see the Related Topics below.

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