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Sorting topics

This command lets you quickly sort a set of selected topics and their sub-topics. If you select the central topic, you sort the whole map.

To sort a map:

  1. Select the topic(s), or select the central topic to sort the whole map.

  2. On the Advanced tab, click the Sort arrow, then click Sort Options.

  3. In the Sort By area, choose one of the following: 

      Alphanumeric - numbers are treated as values.
      Example: A3, A10, A200.

      Alphabetic only - topics are sorted in alphabetic order (0-9, A-Z) and any numbers are treated as individual characters without respect to their numeric value
      Example: A10, A200, A3.
      Select one of the Task Info types in the right column.

  4. In the Sort Depth area, choose whether to sort just the immediate subtopics, the whole tree (everything under here), or down to a specific depth.

  5. In the Sort Order area, choose whether to sort forwards (ascending: A..Z, 1..9, etc.), or backwards (descending:, Z..A, 9..1, etc.).

  6. Click OK to sort the map with the current settings.
    The map topics are sorted and reorganized. On the map, main topics begin at the upper-right and continue clockwise, and subtopics are sorted top to bottom.

Hint: To instantly sort a branch or the whole map: click Sort on the Advanced tab to sort the map using the default options: Alphanumeric sort, subtopics only sort depth, forward sort direction.

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