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Using flowcharts

A flowchart is a diagram that represents, step by step, a process or workflow.  This creates  a visual model that makes it easier to get an overview or a project, process or system and to identify problems, bottlenecks, or flaws. Flowcharts employ standardized visual shapes to convey different elements in the workflow, such as processes, decisions, documentation, and data input/output.

You can create and modify flowcharts as easily as you create other MindManager maps. Start by selecting a flowchart template--then notice how your topic and subtopic options in the toolbar change. Build your flow chart using the Quick Add tabs, or drag and drop topics anywhere on the canvas, then connect them with relationship lines. A key flowchart feature is the decision point topic, which offers dual options (such as "Yes" or "No," or "True" or "False"). Later, you can enhance your flowchart by adding links notes, tasks, tags, markers, or supporting documents, just as you can with any MindManager map.  

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