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Using Map Templates to create new maps

To create a MindManager map from a Map Template, you choose the Map Template from the Map Chooser. The Chooser displays a variety of Map Templates for some commonly-used maps, grouped by category. Map Templates have preset content and formatting (similar to the stationery in other applications), so you don't have to re-create map types that you typically use.

Use the Map Templates as a starting point: You can edit the Map Templates to include your own content, or you can look at them to get an idea of what features and formatting capabilities are available in MindManager.

When you choose a Map Template, you are actually opening a copy of the Map Template; the original Map Template document remains unchanged.

If you usually choose a particular Map Template when you create new maps, you can choose to use it as the default Map Template for each new map you create, and you can set the Mindjet MindManager Preferences so that MindManager automatically begins a new map using this Map Template on startup.

To create a new map from a Map Template:

If the Map Chooser displays when you start MindManager, you can select the Map Template there. Once you have started MindManager, you can use the following steps:

  1. Choose File > New from Template.

  2. Select a Map Template in the Map Chooser. (Choose a category in the left column to see Templates grouped according to their purpose.)

    To begin a new map without any content, select the Blank Map Map Template.

  3. Click Choose.

    A new map begins using the Map Template you've chosen.

  4. Edit the map and add your own content.

  5. Save the new map.

To change the default Map Template for new maps:

  1. Choose MindManager > Preferences.

  2. In the "New Maps " list click Choose.

  3. Select the Map Template you want to use each time you create a new map.

  4. Click Choose, and then click OK in the Preferences dialog.

When you choose File > New a new map automatically begins using the Map Template you've chosen.

If you want MindManager to automatically begin a new map on startup, in the Preferences dialog, under On Startup, select "Create a new map". The new map will use the default Map Template you have chosen.

If you are satisfied with the Map Template content, but you want a different "look" for the map, you can apply a different Map Theme. You can also create and save your own Map Templates with customized content and formatting. For more information about using Map Themes and creating custom Map Templates, see the Related Topics below.

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