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Using the Library

The Library contains a variety of items that you can drag onto your map: icons, images, Map Parts and backgrounds. The Library window has a pane for each of these categories, visible when you choose the category from the drop-down list at the top of the window. Icons, images and backgrounds are stored in sub-categories based on their theme.

You can customize the library by adding your own icons, images, backgrounds and Map Parts.

For information about adding Library images to a map, see Adding images.

To show the Library window:

  1. Click the Task Panes button on the Home tab.

  2. Choose the category you want to view.

To add images and backgrounds to the Library:

  • Copy or move the files to the MindManager Library folder:

    ~/Library/Application Support/Mindjet/Mindjet MindManager/13/{language}/Library/

    - where the tilde (~) character indicates your home folder
    - where {language} is the language name for your installed copy of MindManager, for example, English.

  • Place the files in the appropriate subfolders:

    Images are stored in subfolders of the Images folder in PNG format.

    Backgrounds are stored in subfolders of the Background Images folder in PNG format.

    Icons are stored in subfolders of the Icons folder in ICNS format.

Note: You can create your own custom Map Parts and save them directly to the Library folders.

For more information about adding items from the Library to your map, see the Related Topics below.

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