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Using map roll-ups

You can roll-up topics or branches from other maps into topics in your active map. Map roll-up topics can be refreshed to show the latest updates in the original map.

To add a map roll-up:

  1. Select a topic on the map where you want to roll-up a topic from another map.

  2. Click the Map Roll-up toolbar button on the Advanced tab.

  3. Choose Insert New Map Roll-up.

  4. In the Open dialog, select the map containing the topic that you want to roll-up.

  5. In the Select Topic to Roll-up dialog, select the topic, and then click OK.

A Map Roll-up icon appears in the topic. If you want to include subtopics within the Roll-up, Control-click the Map Roll-up icon, and choose Show Topic and Branch.

To update map roll-ups:

To update a map roll-up:

Do any of the following:

  • Control-click a Map Roll-up, and choose Refresh Map Roll-up.
  • Select the topic(s) containing the Map Roll-up that you want to update, click Map Roll-up toolbar button, and then choose Refresh Selected Map Roll-ups.

To update all map roll-ups:

  1. Click the Map Roll-up toolbar button.

  2. Choose Refresh All Map Roll-ups in Map.

tIp:You can automatically refresh all map roll-ups when you open the map by clicking the Map Roll-up toolbar button, and then choosing Refresh Map Roll-ups on Open.

To disconnect a map roll-up:

  • Control-click a Map Roll-up , and click Disconnect Map Roll-up.

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