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What are Mindjet Files and Mindjet Tasks?

Mindjet Files and Mindjet Tasks let you collaborate in Mindjet's cloud with anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Create a Visual Framework with Maps

MindManager visual mapping software makes it easy to capture, organize, and connect information, create and assign tasks, and collaborate in the cloud. Your team can go from brainstorming ideas and concepts to establishing priorities and plans quickly and easily.

Share and Manage Content with Mindjet Files

Store, share, manage, and access files in the cloud from any device. Online capabilities allow multiple users to collaborate and share feedback on maps and other documents.

Collaborate on Projects with Mindjet Tasks

Send map topics from MindManager for Mac to create new tasks. Bi-directional syncing ensures that your maps always display up-to-date information for tasks, no matter which platform you are using (MindManager desktop, mobile, or web). Manage your projects using Mindjet Tasks' social task management capabilities online or from your phone or tablet. You can track tasks, as well as communicate dynamically using notifications, chats, and posts.

Access Whenever, Wherever

Easily enter ideas, tasks and meeting notes into intuitive visual maps that help you quickly organize concepts and prioritize action items. Integration with Mindjet Files and Mindjet Tasks in the cloud allows access to content from desktop, phones or tablets.

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