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Zooming in and out

In Map View, you can zoom in to get a more detailed view of your map, or zoom out to get an overview. You can also fit the map or the currently-selected objects to the screen or show the map at actual size (zoom = 100%). If your system supports the use of gestures, you can use them to zoom in and out.

To zoom in or out:

  • Choose View > Zoom > Zoom In or View > Zoom > Zoom Out.

    Tip: If your system supports gestures, "pinch" to zoom out, and "expand" to zoom in.

  • To fit the map to the window, choose View > Zoom > Fit Map.

  • To fit the selected objects to the window choose View > Zoom > Fit Selection.

  • To see the map at original size (100%), choose View > Zoom > Actual Size.

You can also use the zoom control at the lower-left of the map window to perform these functions.

When you save the map or export it as an image it is saved or exported using the current zoom factor. When printing, the zoom factor has no effect: The map is printed at the scale specified in the File > Page Setup dialog.

In addition to zooming, the Detail commands can be helpful in navigating large or complex maps.

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