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What's new in MindManager for Mac?

Here are the new features and improvements included in this version.

MindManager for Mac

  • MindManager for Mac lets you visually capture ideas, organize information and create plans that you can share across a team using our apps on Mac or Windows desktop, iPhone, iPad, or Android devices.
  • Read the latest release notes here.

New features

  • We’ve added Gantt functionality and many more new project management features into MindManager for Mac to easily plan, coordinate, and execute your projects.
  • MindManager Snap lets you capture map-worthy content in seconds when you’re away from MindManager, then drop it into your maps the next time you open it up.
  • Tag View gives you a clear picture of a project’s overall progress towards completion, and where each individual task is in the process, so you can make the right changes to keep things on track and on time.
  • Our new Project Costing tool lets you quickly add individual costs into your project maps, easily update them, and sum totals with a simple click, for instant visibility into one of your project’s most critical elements.


  • Our new flowcharting enhancements enable you to quickly build visual flows that bring shape and clarity to complex processes, are easy for others to understand and follow, and are easily adapted as needs change.
  • Make your diagrams richer and more engaging with new image thumbnails.
  • Better manage and make sense of complex maps with powerful new sorting capabilities.

  • Quickly access most-used key features and functions with enhanced ribbon control.
  • Manage your diagrams more effectively with enhanced shapes and SmartShapes.
  • Organize and update topics fast & intuitively with enhanced drag & drop functionality.

Support for macOS 10.15 Catalina

  • This version of MindManager is compatible with the latest version of macOS 10.15 (Catalina).
  • Store your maps and access them from anywhere using your iCloud account.
  • Extend or mirror your desktop on your iPad for meetings and presentations with Sidecar support.
  • Touch Bar support now includes tag functionality.