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Coding topics with markers

Use markers to categorize topics or code them with task information. Add markers to topics in Map View or Outline View from the Markers Inspector and the Task Inspector. Tags are not displayed in Outline View.

To add markers to topics:

  1. Select one or more topics.

  2. If the Inspector is not open, click the Task Panes toolbar button.
  3. In the Inspector, click the Markers tab.

  4. Click the marker you want to add to the topic(s). If you don't see the marker you want to add you can add it to an existing group or create a new group using the marker management features.

You can add more than one marker to a topic. If you've added a marker from an exclusive group, and then select another marker from the same group, the first marker will be removed. You can change this attribute for a marker group by using the marker management features.

To change a topic's marker to another marker from the same group, Control-click the marker and select the new marker from the pop-up menu or click on the marker to cycle through the group's markers.

You can also add Task Priority and Progress markers to topics from the Task Inspector.


  • To see larger icon markers in Map View, choose MindManager > Preferences and select "Show larger icons and task information images".

  • To hide the markers in Map View (without deleting them) choose View > Show & Hide. You can elect to hide Icons, Tags, and Tag Group names independently.

To remove markers from topics:

  1. Control-click the marker.

  2. For icons: Choose Remove to remove the selected icon or Remove All Icons to remove all the topic's icons.

    For tags: Choose Remove All Tags to remove all the topic's tags.

Hint:If you click a marker in the Markers Inspector that already exists on the current topic, the marker will be removed.

The available markers and their groupings are saved as part of the map (or Map Template). You can add, remove, rename and re-group the markers in the Inspector. To learn more about using markers and managing them see the Related Topics below.

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