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Adding resources from your address book

You can import a list of resources from your address book to use as task information on the current map. These are added to the Markers Inspector's Resources group, and the Task Inspector's Resource list. You can assign them to topics from either Inspector. You can also choose to attach the list of resources you import to the central topic as a vCards file.

To import resources:

  1. In the Inspector's Markers pane, click the Options button marker options button next to the Resources group.

  2. Choose New Resources from Address Book.

  3. Select the contacts you want to import as resources.

  4. To attach the list of resources to the map's central topic select the Attach Resources to Central Topic checkbox.

    The list is attached as vCards. Another reader of your map can import these contacts into their own address book or other contact manager from the map.

  5. Click Import.


  • The new resources will appear in the Markers Inspector's Resources group. You can add them to topics from here, or from the Task Inspector.

  • Resource names will be auto-completed for you when you enter them in the Task Inspector's Resources field.

  • If you attached the resources to the central topic, you can open or remove the file as you would any other attachment.

To automatically import resources for new maps:

  1. Choose MindManager > Preferences.

  2. In the menu under New Map, select the "Auto import resources from" checkbox, and choose an address book group.

  3. To attach the resources to the map, select the "Attach resources to Central Topic" checkbox.

You can import additional resources at any time. MindManager will not duplicate existing map resources. If you need to update the attached resources, delete the .vcf attachment on the Central Topic, and import the resources again.

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